Additional Information

Hopefully we haven't sent you into a spin overloading you with information, but here are some more things you'll need to consider:

Protect Our Environment

We really need your help to keep our parks and beaches clean.

At your family gathering please dispose of general waste and recyclables appropriately in the bins provided and make sure you take any excess waste with you (to be disposed of responsibly later).

At your event you, the event organiser, are responsible for providing adequate garbage and recycling bins (eg arranging self-removal, a contractor or City services) and ensuring the site is kept in a clean, tidy and litter-free condition during and at the completion of your event.

If you're providing food or drink please avoid glass, straws and single use plastics where possible.

Please don't hurt our trees. That means no pruning or removal of branches and no signs, nails, bolts, guy ropes, wires etc are to be used.

Also, we won’t permit the release of balloons, regardless of the type and number. Balloons, along with their strings and clips, eventually end up littering our bushland, beaches and waterways. Consider using alternatives such as rose petals, bubbles (environmentally friendly), flags or bunting to celebrate, promote and commemorate.

Amenities, Utilities and Vehicle Access

Where amenities, utilities and vehicle access is approved you'll be issued with a key. You'll need to pay a key bond before a key can be issued and it will be refunded when the key is returned.

Underground Utilities and Irrigation

Many of our parks have underground irrigation and utilities. For this reason no star pickets or pegs are to be used and no digging may be undertaken unless approved to do so. The consequences of non-compliance could be devastating!

Shelters, Barbecues and Playgrounds

With the exception of rotundas and the carriage shed, park and beach shelters can't be booked. There's limited protection from the elements plus we want everyone to be able to enjoy them. We won't take bookings for barbecues and playgrounds either. They're to be kept accessible by everyone.

Remediation Periods

Some events will need periods of remediation, particularly during instances of wet weather. Sometimes we'll need to allow anywhere from 1 to 4 or more weeks for an area to recover. This can result in limited availability of a particular area.

Have a Backup Plan

We’ll do our very best to turn the weather on but let’s face it, open spaces rest in the hands of the elements. Having a Plan B will take the pressure off if Plan A doesn’t work out.

Be Prepared for the Unforeseen

Severe weather, civil or maintenance works and projects, art installations, vandalism and nearby events can alter the aesthetic of an open space. Unfortunately we're not able to guarantee a floral display because garden beds are also at the mercy of the elements. You'll usually see a floral display sometime throughout autumn and spring but the months and aesthetic can vary depending on the conditions of the current season.

Whether you’re local or from out of town our landscape may have changed since the last time you paid us a visit, so it’s worth a drive to check out the sites of interest to ensure they meet your expectations prior to locking anything in.

Projects and Maintenance

There are a number of civil works projects (both planned and underway) which may impact an event in our city. We’ll give you as much notice as possible should we need to move or cancel your event due to a site becoming unsafe or inaccessible. We’ll keep in touch with the projects' crews to ensure as minimal impact as possible however some things are simply out of our control. Keep an eye on the
Projects and Works and Priority Projects pages for the latest information.

What's On

Keep an eye on our Events Calendar to make sure you’re on top of what’s on in the nearby area at the same time you’re planning to host your event. Our open spaces are all public places and most of them can be booked.

Questions? We're here simply Contact Us.