Locking It In

How do you make a booking? There's a different process for family gatherings and all other events but here's how to get the ball rolling.

Family Gatherings

Please refer to the information on the Park and Beach Weddings page to assist with making a booking for your family gathering.

Filming Activities and Applications

For any Filming enquiries, please contact , or submit an application form that can be accessed here: Application for Filming Activities 1.0 2023

All Other Events


You'll need to get in touch with us in the first instance so we can work through the details of your request. At this time we'll discuss suitable locations and availability, make a tentative booking and send an application form to you.

Note: Submitting an application form doesn't mean your booking is confirmed or approval will be granted. Your completed application and supporting documentation will need to be assessed.

We'll acknowledge receipt of your completed application (or advise if it needs to be resubmitted) within 7 days of receiving it. 

Application forms need to be submitted in line with specific time frames based on the level of impact of your event.

Event Impact Levels

All events will have some level of impact to the environment. Environmental impact can affect a space or facility itself, the natural environment and the community. The level of impact of your event is determined based on the types of activities you've requested to undertake, how many people will attend, the size of the space required and where your event will be held. There are three levels of impact - low, medium and high. Impact levels and time frames for the return of applications are explained in more detail on the Event Planning page.

Availability and Usage Guidelines

Ultimately we'll do everything we can to help you get your event off the ground, however the City does use guidelines to help regulate the types and frequency of events and activities being held at our parks and beaches. Different areas may have different limitations or restrictions but we'll go through this with you when scoping your event.

Note: If you're looking at hosting a high impact event we're going to need at least 8-12 months notice (that is, your completed application form returned). Open space is limited for high impact events so it's crucial to contact us ASAP to ensure availability can be secured.


Assessment times will vary for everyone. This is due to factors such as what documentation is required of you, when you return your documentation to us, whether or not documentation needs to be resubmitted and whether or not external approvals are required. Even the expiry date of your Public Liability Insurance certificate may delay your assessment. We ask that you return documentation promptly, completed correctly and as per instructions provided and in return we'll progress with your assessment as quickly as possible.


Approval is issued in the form of a licence, also referred to as an event authorisation. You'll need to have access to a copy of this document with you on the day, as will your bump in and bump out crews.

The location, dates and times of your event will be stated on the event authorisation as well as the conditions of use, which obviously must be adhered to. Penalties apply for breach of conditions.

There are some instances where you'll need (or want) to start promoting your event, selling tickets or issuing invitations prior to an approval being granted. We'll look at these instances on a case by case basis and, where deemed appropriate, we'll issue a conditional approval which allows you to move forward with your planning and promotion. As its name suggests, a conditional approval is not final approval but rather in-principal support for your event, provided you meet the conditions stipulated on the conditional approval.

We're unable to provide an exact time frame of when you'll receive your final approval but we aim to have this to you as soon as practicable.

Additional Information

We recommend you check out the Additional Information page too.

Questions? We're here. Contact Us.