Parks for Hire

Well, you're spoilt for choice here in Newcastle. We've got large grassy expanses and quaint, tree-lined pockets spreading from the coast and city to further inland.

Here's a look at what's on offer for your next event or family gathering:

The Foreshore, Camp Shortland (Regional)80 Nobbys Road, Newcastle East

Probably the City's most frequently requested spot, there's no guessing why. Situated beside Nobbys Beach with expansive ocean views Camp Shortland is where we'll host events which tend to be a little louder and draw a larger crowd. You'll see low, medium and high impact events such as music concerts, festivals, other theatrical and musical events, public addresses and the staging of fireworks displays in this location. Note: Electrical access. Nearest public amenities located at Nobbys Beach and Foreshore Park. Barbecues.

The Foreshore, Joy Cummings Promenade (Regional)140 Wharf Road, Newcastle

Located right on the harbour Joy Cummings Promenade is the principal location for events or activities which connect to Camp Shortland or other areas of The Foreshore. This stretch is popular as part of community walking and marathon events. Note: No electrical access. Nearest public amenities located at Foreshore Park.

Foreshore Park (Regional)32 Wharf Road, Newcastle East

The iconic Foreshore Park is made up of several areas including Shortland Lawn and Amphitheatre, the Frog Pond, the Carriage Shed and Customs House Plaza (featuring a fountain) and hosts a variety of casual, low to medium impact events. In this location we encourage events which aren't ongoing and are community-based (i.e. don't exclude the general public from participating) such as markets and festivals, theatrical displays and fundraising events. Other features include a playground and liberty swing. Note: Electrical access. Public amenities. Barbecues.

Centennial Park (District)100 Dawson Street, Cooks Hill

Surrounded by trees this impeccably manicured park is a great spot for low impact events. It features a rotunda, rose garden and open grassed areas. There's a playground too. You'll most likely see family gatherings happening here however Centennial Park has also hosted events such as small work functions and musical/theatrical displays. Note: No electrical access. Public amenities. No barbecues.

Civic Park (District)201 King Street, Newcastle

Right in the heart of the Civic Precinct lies Civic Park, a conduit between Newcastle Art Gallery, Newcastle Library and the War Memorial on Laman Street and Civic Theatre and Wheeler Place on Hunter Street. A fountain, memorial gardens and cenotaph are some of it's key features.Typically you'll see low to medium impact events being held here such as commemorative events, markets, public rallies, cultural festivals, carols and lunch time fitness activities. Note: Electrical access. Public amenities. No playground. No barbecues.

Dixon Park (District) 15 Ocean Street, Merewether

Located along The Bathers Way, Dixon Park boasts expansive ocean views and is right next to Dixon Park Surf Club. It features a large shelter area and playground and is popular among the locals. We encourage low to medium impact community-based events here, but primarily you'll see family gatherings. It's played host to events such as small work functions, street feasts and local board riders club events. Note: Electrical access. Nearest public amenities located at Dixon Park Surf Club. Barbecues.

Empire Skate Park (District)107 Memorial Drive, Bar Beach

Most popular of Newcastle's skate parks is the iconic Empire Skate Park. It features a bowl varying in depth from 7-11ft and a plaza-style street section, making it one of the best skate facilities in the country. Located directly across from Bar Beach the surrounding views aren't too bad either. We encourage low to medium impact events and we've hosted things including local and national level skate competitions, roller derby events and demo days. Note: Electrical access. Nearest public amenities located at Cooks Hill Surf Club. Batball courts. Barbecues.

Gregson Park (District)130 Tudor Street, Hamilton

In the heart of Hamilton lies this little gem. Enormous fig trees, manicured gardens and flowerbeds provide a delightful setting for events. Great for low to medium impact events, Gregson Park has hosted markets, carols, community festivals, public rallies, work functions and various other types of activities. It's perfect for a family get-together too. Note: Electrical access. Public amenities. Playground. Barbecues.

Islington Park (District)151 Maitland Road, Islington

A beautiful setting during cooler months (the mozzies tend to come out when it's warm), Islington Park boasts majestic fig trees and is nestled along Throsby Creek. Wide open spaces and lots of historic charm, this spot is beautiful and great for family gatherings and low to medium impact events. Note: Electrical access. Public amenities. Playground. Next to Islington Oval. Barbecues.

Jesmond Park (District)4 Robinson Avenue, Jesmond

Another undiscovered beauty, Jesmond Park surrounds the sporting oval and flaunts several pockets of open and tree-studded space. On one side of the park (Newcastle Road) you'll find beautifully manicured rose gardens and grounds and the other (Robinson Avenue) more recreational facilities such as a half basketball court, frisbee golf and easy access to the cycleway. This spot is perfect for family gatherings and low to medium impact events such as community festivals. Note: Electrical access limited. Public amenities. Two playgrounds. Two barbecue areas.

King Edward Park (District)3 Ordnance Street, The Hill

If you've never been to King Edward Park you've not seen one of the City's most impressive assets. Featuring an historical rotunda, a beautiful seasonal garden display, a natural amphitheatre, the iconic Shepherds Hill Fort, access to the Bogey Hole, the Obelisk and, let's not forget, the commanding ocean views, we encourage low to medium impact events here which bring the community together. It's the City's most popular wedding ceremony spot and a hit among family and friends. The annual King Edward Park carols event draws a crowd and the park has hosted other events such as musical and artistic performances, open air cinemas, festivals and many more. Note: Electrical access. Public amenities. Playground. Barbecues.

Lambton Park (District)50 Howe Street, Lambton

Space, space and more space. Lambton Park offers large expanses of tree-lined open space and is great for low to medium impact events of all kinds. It's hosted markets, festivals, musical and theatrical events, car displays (Elder Street side), work functions and much, much more. It features an historic rotunda which has been beautifully restored and garden displays. Note: Electrical access. Public amenities. Playground. Barbecues.

Pacific Park (Local)
1 Pacific Street, Newcastle

Another of the City's parks which showcases giant fig trees and a fountain, Pacific Park suits low to medium impact events such as markets and community activities. Note: Electrical access. Nearest public amenities located at Foreshore Park. No barbecues.

Other Parks (Local)

We've listed the City's most popular spots above however there's loads of other parks scattered throughout the Newcastle Local Government Area (LGA) which may suit you better. If there's another area you'd be interested to utilise get in touch and we can discuss your requirements with you.

Other Skate Parks (Local)

We've got eight other skate parks spread across the City including Elermore Vale Bowl, Islington Bowl, Maryland Skate Park, New Lambton Skate Park, Mayfield Skate Park, South Newcastle Beach Skate Park, Stockton Skate Park and Wallsend Skate Park. Head to Skate Parks for more information.

Sports grounds (Local, District and Regional)

We often get asked about hosting events on the City's sports grounds. We'll look at these requests on a case by case basis, however summer and winter sporting fixtures generally take priority. Get in touch with us and we'll discuss your requirements with you.


Newcastle's parks and beaches offer limited shelter from inclement weather or protection from the sun and therefore (with the exception of a few) we don't take bookings at shelters. If you have a booking they may be used as part of your event or activity but we ask they remain accessible by all members of the public at all times.


Make sure you check out the Bookings page where we take you through the bookings process from application to approval.

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