COVID-19 Update

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Locking It In

How do you make a booking? Well, there’s a couple of ways to get the ball rolling.

Application Form

You can download the application form (PDF) and send it in. If you send us a completed, signed form we’ll assume you’re keen to move forward with getting approval. We’ll have to get back to you to confirm availability and make sure your form checks out, but once this is confirmed you’re good to go and we’ll get your approval to you ASAP.

Checking Availability

If you’d prefer you can contact us first to check availability and discuss your needs and wants. We'll put a tentative booking in (which means no one else can book your spot or timeslot) and get the application form to you from there.

It’s up to you to get your form back to us. We’ll give you a whopping 4 weeks to return it but if we’ve not received it by then we’ll have to assume you’ve been poached and we'll cancel your booking. Or, once we receive your completed form, have assessed it and we're happy that all is good to go we’ll get you’re approval to you ASAP.


Once we've received your completed application form and availability is confirmed we'll complete your assessment and ask you to pay all fees. This means your locked in. When we can see you've paid in full we'll send your approval to you.


Approval is granted in the form of a licence. We refer to this as an Event Authorisation. Your Event Authorisation will outline your name and contact details, the date and time of your ceremony, the site details and terms and conditions of your use. Please ensure you read through the conditions and let us know if you have questions. (Penalties apply for breach of conditions.)

Processing times can vary but you'll usually receive approval within 4 weeks, based on the date we receive your completed application.

On The Day

Approval provides you with exclusive use of your chosen spot during the date and times specified in your Event Authorisation. You'll need to carry this with you (or at least have access to a digital copy) on the day. It's a good idea to give a copy to whoever will be arriving first or vacating last.

Fortunately most folks are aware of the popular spots for wedding ceremonies and we’d be very surprised if you experience any uncomfortable confrontation, however your Event Authorisation can be presented as evidence of your booking to either to members of the public or the City’s compliance officers.

Questions? We're here simply Contact us.