Parks for Hire

The Places To Be, Grass and Trees

If grassy, sometimes floral, tree-lined, sturdier underfoot spaces are right up your alley a park setting may be the perfect spot for you.

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Centennial Park (District)100 Dawson Street, Cooks Hill

Stunning, impeccably manicured grounds hide amongst established trees providing a beautiful setting for your wedding ceremony. Featuring a rotunda, rose garden and large open grassed areas this venue is a favourite.
Note: No vehicle or electrical access. Public amenities. Playground located nearby to the rotunda. Parking limited.

Civic Park (District)201 King Street, Newcastle

The magnificent fountain and charming garden beds set this park aside from the others. It's a large park with ample space for guests and is within close proximity to many of Newcastle’s popular reception venues.
Note: Electrical access available. Public amenities. No vehicle access for weddings. No playground.

Gregson Park (District)130 Tudor Street, Hamilton

This delightful park will provide a unique experience for your wedding day. The manicured gardens, flowerbeds and enormous fig trees provide the perfect setting. Note: Electrical access available. Public amenities. No vehicle access for weddings. Playground nearby.

Islington Park (District)151 Maitland Road, Islington

Lined with majestic fig trees and nestled along Throsby Creek, this undiscovered gem offers wide open spaces and lots of historic charm.
Note: No electrical access. Public amenities. Mosquitos can be present during humid months. No vehicle access for weddings. Playground nearby.

Jesmond Park (District)4 Robinson Avenue, Jesmond

Jesmond Park boasts large, impressive grounds, established trees and is renowned for its magnificent rose gardens. Highly underrated, this park is a lovely venue for your wedding ceremony. Note: No nearby electrical access. Public amenities. No vehicle access for weddings. Playground nearby.

King Edward Park (District)3 Ordnance Street, The Hill

Whether it's the commanding ocean views from Shepherds Hill and Ann Feneley Lookout, the 360 degree views from the Obelisk or the charm of the historic Victorian rotunda, this park is sure to impress. Note: Public amenities. No vehicle access for weddings. Playground nearby.

Lambton Park (District)50 Howe Street, Lambton

Lambton Park offers open, expansive, tree-lined grounds and the historic rotunda which has been beautifully restored. Note: Public amenities. No vehicle access for weddings. Playground located nearby to the rotunda.

Christie Place (Local)
292 King Street, Newcastle

Located across the road from Civic Park, Christie Place is ideal for small ceremonies with it's seasonal garden displays taking pride of place. Note: No vehicle or electrical access. Public amenities nearby.

Customs House Plaza (Regional)
3 Wharf Road, Newcastle East

Customs House Plaza is an historic location situated at the western end of Foreshore Park. The fountain and harbour backdrop will provide a stunning setting for any style of wedding. Note: Electrical access available. No vehicle access for weddings. Public amenities and playground nearby. Accessible.

Pacific Park (Local)
1 Pacific Street, Newcastle

Tucked away in the eastern end of Newcastle, Pacific Park boasts magnificent fig trees and shaded grassy areas. It's also close to many popular reception venues. Note: Electrical access available. No vehicle access available for weddings. Nearest amenities located at Foreshore Park.

Tramway Reserve (Local)
27 Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle East

Overlooking Newcastle Ocean Baths and with expansive ocean views, Tramway Reserve is another breathtaking spot along the coast. Note: No electrical access. Nearest amenities located at Newcastle Baths. Parking limited. No vehicle access for weddings.

Stockton (Local)

Why not head across the river to Stockton? The park reserves next to the ferry wharf and along Pitt Street are two of the most popular spots. You'll need to contact Stockton Parks Committee to book.

Additional Bits and Pieces

The Garside Gardens at King Edward Park, Strezlecki Lookout and the ANZAC Memorial Walk are all areas of memorial significance so unfortunately approval won't be given for use of these spots.

Two popular venues which are frequently enquired about, the Bogey Hole at King Edward Park and the Hickson Street Lookout, aren't owned or managed by City of Newcastle. Therefore we can't approve use of these spaces either. If there are other locations you'd like to find out about just ask us!

Newcastle's parks and beaches offer limited shelter from inclement weather or protection from the sun and therefore (with the exception of a few) we don't take bookings at shelters. If you have a booking they may be used as part of your event or activity but we ask they remain accessible by all members of the public at all times.

Hot Tips

  • Just like our beaches our parks are all public places too. Embrace the spectators!
  • If you know what time of year you want to get married and there’s time to do so, visit the site to take note of where the sun is, what traffic is like, parking limitations and what amenities and facilities are there. This will help you prepare for any last minute surprises

  • You’re probably the outdoorsy type to be tying the knot in a park which means you know what wet grass feels like underfoot. A small gazebo or marquee will provide a little extra shelter should you experience a light shower (no pegging though). Gum boots could be a cute accessory too! But if it’s bucketing down common sense will have to kick in eventually. Have an indoor Plan B just in case! Newcastle’s parks provide very little shelter from anything heavier than a light shower for a few people

  • No matter what the weather an emergency kit of bug spray, bottled water, umbrellas, paper fans, sunscreen, tissues and even a mobile phone could prove useful – if not for your own comfort, for the comfort of your guests

  • Some of our parks are a little tricky to get to so be sure to provide your guests with clear directions. And some are quite large. You could sketch your own little map to tuck into your invitations to show them the area of the park you’ve chosen. Make sure you've considered less abled guests too.

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