Beaches for Hire

The Places To Be, Sand and Sea

Are you into the feeling of sand between your toes or the refreshing kiss of ocean spray on your cheek? Newcastle is blessed with magnificent beaches which provide an impressive and relaxed setting for your wedding day.

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Bar Beach (District)Memorial Drive, Bar Beach

Nestled at the bottom of beautiful cliffs Bar Beach boasts expansive eastern views across the ocean. Choose from the paved lookout or a sandy setting. Note: Public amenities. Accessible amenities. Parking available.

Dixon Park Beach (District)Ocean Street, Merewether

Located between Bar Beach and Merewether Beach, Dixon Park Beach offers a straight stretch of sand with spectacular views to the east. Dixon Park sits right behind too with a playground to keep the kids entertained. Note: Public amenities. Accessible amenities. Parking available.

Merewether Beach (District)
John and Henderson Parades, Merewether

The most southern of Newcastle's beaches, Merewether Beach is home to the annual Surfest event and the most popular of our coastal locations for a wedding ceremony. Note: Public amenities. Accessible amenities. Parking available.

Newcastle Beach (District)
Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle

Located in the eastern end of the city Newcastle Beach is at the doorstep of several popular reception venues. Newcastle Ocean Baths are nearby for photos too. Note: Public amenities. Accessible amenities. Parking available.

Nobbys Beach (District)
Nobbys Road, Newcastle East

A family favourite, Nobbys Beach connects with The Foreshore and is close to some popular reception venues. Note: Public amenities. Accessible amenities. Parking available.

Stockton Beach (District)
Pitt and Mitchell Streets, Stockton

With views back across the city and out to Nobbys headland Stockton Beach is across the river, accessible by ferry or car. Note: Public amenities. Accessible amenities. Parking available.

Horseshoe Beach
Nobbys Road, Newcastle

Horseshoe Beach is owned and managed by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Booking enquiries should be directed to RMS.

Additional Bits and Pieces

The only spark guaranteed at all our beach spots is the one between you and your partner so you’ll need to arrange a portable source if you’d like access to other electricity.

Areas located in the nearby vicinity of a surf club aren't ideal places to hold a ceremony (or any event) so these locations aren't approved. You don’t want to get in the way of an emergency rescue!

Also, ocean baths (Newcastle and Merewether) can be dangerous places to be when the elements aren’t favourable and approval isn't given here either, although you're free to use these areas for photographs. Just make sure you check with Screen Hunter first.

Shelters located along the coast can't be booked and should be kept accessible by everyone.

Hot Tips

  • Newcastle’s Beaches are all public places so if you’re seeking a secluded sandy location this may not be the best option for you. If privacy is not an issue however, wave to the onlookers!
  • Perhaps you're getting married later in life, or you/your guests have other limitations. Make sure you consider how you and your guests will navigate getting to the site or whether you'll be sitting or standing

  • We all love the sound of waves crashing on the shore but your guests may not love it when they can’t hear you saying your ‘I do’s’. Be sure to position your ceremony in a way the water and wind will play less of a leading role. A microphone might be a wise idea!

  • ‘Everyone’s a weatherman’ or so they say, but if there’s no truth to that at least we can do a little research ahead of time. Stay afloat of tidal changes and weather patterns – both rain and heat. Simply put, be prepared for anything. Providing bottled water, brollies or a blanket for your guests is such a small detail but can be a life saver! A spare pair of thongs or flats will keep the girls out of trouble too

  • A beach wedding is obviously more attractive during summer months but this is also going to be peak season for everyone else. Watch out for holiday crowds where parking, accessibility and overall aesthetic could be impacted. Remember all of our beaches are public!

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