Food Inspections

City of Newcastle (CN) is required to undertake at least one inspection of food businesses to ensure the food prepared and served to customers is safe. While CN’s primary aim is to protect consumers, we are also committed to providing local businesses with information and advice about safe preparation and handling of food.

An important part of the inspection is engagement with the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and the ability for you to ask questions and seek advice. The EHO will also check the following when conducting inspecting your business:

To assist you prepare for your inspection you can complete a self-check by using the same form that EHO’s use during their inspections, Food Premises Assessment Report.

Businesses who perform well during their inspection will be awarded a Scores on Doors certificate.

A range of factsheets and resources relevant to your food business can also be found on our Food Safety page.

If a serious breach is identified during an inspection, the EHO may undertake a re-inspection to ensure the non-compliances are rectified in a timely manner (a re-inspection fee may apply). EHOs use a graduated response for alleged breaches that may increase in severity depending on the circumstances. Where ongoing issues remain unresolved an Improvement Notice and/or Penalty Notice may be issued.

Inspection Fee and Administration Charges

Businesses are routinely inspected based on risk as set out by the NSW Food Authority. Most retail and hospitality businesses require a minimum of one inspection each financial year. Inspection fees are time based and charged out in half hour increments. Administration charges are based on the number of food handlers who work in the business. Current Fees and Charges can be found on CN’s website.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate in contact CN's Food Services on (02)49742000.