Foothpath Cleaning

You only have one chance to make a first impression. The appearance of external areas of your business premise can influence the first impression of customers.

Keeping shop fronts, dining and high pedestrian areas clean and tidy is generally a high priority for most managers and it can also prevent unintentional polluting of stormwater.

What is stormwater pollution?

Anything entering the stormwater system other than rainwater is considered to be pollution.

Council is responsible for controlling and maintaining stormwater systems. It is everyone’s responsibility to reduce the amount of rubbish and pollution that is carried into our creeks and rivers by the stormwater. Local councils and communities regularly pay to clear debris from pollution traps in the drainage systems.

Also, it is against the law to pollute water or place pollution in a position where it could be blown, fall or leak into a drain, gutter or local waterway.
On the spot fines for water pollution are up to $1500. Ensure you are aware of your legal responsibilities.

Cleaning shop front, dining and/or high pedestrian areas

If contractors do your cleaning ensure they don’t allow waste water from cleaning activities to enter stormwater drains. Encourage them to use methods that reduce water and detergent use.

Best practices for keeping these areas clean:

Dry Sweeping

When cleaning down shopfront walls and windows instead of hosing use a dry brush to clear away any solid material and dust, collect and dispose of in a waste bin.

Mopping up

Use a mop/squeegee and bucket to clean surfaces and dispose of the waste water in sewer. If only lightly soiled you may not need to use detergent at all. If heavily soiled use detergent sparingly.

Clean Capture

Technology exists to separate waste water and material collected during the cleaning process. This is done by passing material through a fine filter before the waste water is pumped out into a waste collection area. Unlike traditional pressure washing services, the system has no misting, over-spray or pooling of water. Work may be carried out whilst businesses are fully operational.

Check out this  handy brochure (pdf) for tips to remember when cleaning your footpath.