Scores on Doors

Scores on Doors is a system which grades and displays food safety inspection results of retail food businesses for customers to see.

The grades will be a good advertisement for businesses that comply with food safety legislation.

Popular in New Zealand, North America and Europe, the Scores on Doors program is designed to help consumers make informed decisions regarding food safety and hygiene when selecting somewhere to eat out.

The program is designed to:

  • Acknowledge the hard work of well performing businesses
  • Improve consumer access to information about the businesses' food safety performance
  • Put additional market pressure on businesses to improve compliance
  • Standardise food assessment and scoring system across the site.

Premises will be inspected as part of the annual inspection program and rated. There are no additional costs to your business. Eligible businesses will be offered a certificate to display in a prominent, public position such as a front window or behind the counter.


5 stars0-3Excellent - highest level of compliance with food safety legislation
4 stars4-8Very good - complying with food safety legislation. Minor issues
3 stars9-15Good - broadly compliant with legislation, but more effort required with legislation
No grade awarded16+Poor - poor level of compliance with legislation. Follow up action is required. Business will be re-inspected in a timely manner

Higher rating?
Want to get the best score you can? Every business should be able to get the top score.

1. Do a self check
Download the checklist used by our inspection officer and see what you need to get right.

2. Common issues
Make sure you have addressed the five most common issues found by our inspection officers.