tips and tricks

Tips & Tricks

The intention of the Locally Made and Played Grant is to incentivise live performance across the city. These grants have been designed to be as quick and simple as possible to facilitate successful applications.

We are looking for unique performances which demonstrate offerings different to a usual Friday or Saturday night.

Applications which consider other events occurring across the city at this time will be scored higher, as will venues offering performances on additional nights, a diversity of performers such as comedians, micro theatre, spoken word, musicians and other performance types… variety is key!

We want to see different performers in your application, please don't apply for multiple performances of the same artist. Reach out to your networks (or ours) and find the next big act to perform for you!

We want to see a variety of days, dates and times. Mix it up, not everyone just wants to see a pub band from 6pm to 9pm on a Saturday! Try different nights, we will pay for the talent and who knows you might start a new thing! What about Monday night children's face painting and dancers, Tuesday night comedy, Wednesday night poetry date night, Thursday night dance party… the possibilities are endless!

We have tried to make the funding fair for a range of performers. You can apply for $300 per performance and every applicant can apply for a maximum of $1,500 across 5 performances. As a minimum we would like to ensure that the acts/ performers or artists receive $300 per performance, and they perform for a minimum of 1 hour.

With previous rounds some challenging elements have been identified, see below for some solutions:

  1. Locking in performers – it might make for a smoother process if the venues / applicants have the artists all but locked in when applying for the Grant. The performance details are essential for your "WhatsOn" on application and CN's promotion of the program so if you can identify who you want to perform, check that they are available when you want them and let them know you will be applying for funding to lock in the performance. This seems to make for a smoother process once you are successful.
  2. Please ensure you have your public liability insurance handy, that the details on it match your application details, that it is up to date and not about to run out.
  3. Please make sure you look out for our notification email. Once you apply the turnaround is usually tight on Locally Made and Played, so delays in information can compromise your whole program.
  4. The funding is purely to support performance, not any other costs.
  5. Part of being a successful applicant is also being promoted through our channels, this is done via the What's On website listing. It is very important that successful applicants list their events as a priority!