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In response to several severe weather events, emergency works were commenced to protect sections of the Stockton coastline most at risk of further erosion as we work through the development of a long-term strategy for Stockton Beach.

This work is ongoing and the Stockton community is provided with an update each month to outline the progress and status of this work. The update also highlights where beach access might be impacted as a result of the work. When visiting Stockton Beach please be aware of regularly changing conditions and follow directional signage, warning notices and the instructions of authorities.

The current update (September 2021) outlines the most recent work at Stockton.

Additional Information - Works Update - September 2021

A high tide coinciding with a large swell event has caused further erosion across the Stockton coastline (6-8 Sept), particularly at the northern end of Stockton Beach. In response, a number of short-term activities will be implemented including:

  • Representatives of Crown Lands, Hunter Water, Soil Conservation Service, and the Environment Protection Authority have inspected the site and a temporary exclusion area has been established.

  • An engineering design is being finalised for installation of a temporary sandbag wall.

  • Additional geotextile fabric will be laid down and sandbags installed to stabilise the area.

  • Buried waste will be excavated from the site as soon as possible.

  • Increasing the resilience of the vegetation that stablilises the dunes with the installation of strawbale treatment along the dune foreshore for wave deflection to reduce wave overtopping into the dunes. Coir logs will also be placed within the dunes to reduce saltwater penetration into dune vegetation.

  • Beach scrapping will be undertaken when conditions are favourable.

Please avoid this area while this work is carried out. Accessing the beach over the vegetation will cause further damage.

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