Your General Waste Bin

You can use your red lid bin for:

  • Food and kitchen scraps
  • Clothing, shoes, linen and toys1
  • Kitchen crockery and glassware1, including drinking tumblers, wine glasses and toughened glass, such as Pyrex (wrap first)
  • Mirrors and window/windscreen glass and light bulbs2 (wrap first)
  • Takeaway coffee cups
  • Soft plastics, such as bread bags, mail satchels, cling wrap and frozen food packaging3
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Nappies, sanitary and incontinence products
  • Animal droppings and kitty litter
  • Dust/ashes (wrap or bag first)
  • General bric-a-brac1.

Consider donating or selling items—such as clothing, kitchenware and toys—that are in good, usable condition.
Light globes can be recycled at the Summerhill Community Recycling Centre and at select Community Recycling Stations.
Clean, soft plastic packaging can be recycled at many supermarkets or through our Sort & Save service at Summerhill Waste Management Centre.

Don't place these items in your red lid bin: